Ford Smartlock / Smartshield

ECU Catch Code Checker

Enter the 4 letter / number “catch code” printed on the white ECU connector label and press check to identify the anti-theft system type.


Smartlock was used from EB series 2 (mid 1992) until mid way through AU series 1 (approx. 6/1999).
Previous models (EA and EB1) didn’t use any ECU based anti-theft system.
Smartlock uses a coded signal that normally originates from the BEM (Body Electronics Module, or dedicated Smartlock module on some models) . This system can be easily bypassed using a bypass module:


From mid AU series 1 (approx. 06/1999) smartlock was replaced by the more sophisticated Smartshield anti-theft system.
Smartshield uses a encrypted challenge / response process between the ECU and BEM (Body Electronics Module). Bypassing Smartshield requires reflashing of the engine ECU: