Ford Falcon Smartlock Bypass Module – 3 Wire

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Suitable for EB2, ED, EF, EL, XG, XH, early AU1

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This module bypasses the Smartlock anti-theft system used on Ford Falcons from 1991 to 1999.

  • Suitable for EB2, ED, EF, EL, XG, XH and very early AU1, as well as all equivalent Fairlane and LTD models
  • Suitable for 6cyl and V8 vehicles
  • Small physical size – 40x40x15mm

Basic soldering skills are required to cut and join some wires. Detailed printed fitting instructions are included, which walk you through the installation procedure. It is typically installed in the LH kick panel near the ECU, where 3 wires are connected and 1 cut. You may also need to join 2 wires near the BEM (Body Electronics Module) if the starter motor has been disabled by the failed Smartlock system.

There is also a 5-wire version available,  which can re-enable Smartlock when interfaced with a kill switch or aftermarket immobilizer, preventing the engine starting when you don’t want it to.

Smartlock / Smartshield

AU models from approx. 6/1999 onwards used the updated Smartshield anti-theft system, and will not work with this Smartlock module – see the AU Smartshield Reflashing Service instead.
If you are not sure if you have Smartlock or Smartshield, you can check from the sticker on your ECU using the Catch Code Checker.

Fitting Instructions

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2 reviews for Ford Falcon Smartlock Bypass Module – 3 Wire

  1. Teresa Newlands

    I have a 1996 EF Falcon which had some Smartlock Issues and the car would not want to start all the time. Being a Manual I was able to Roll Start, but that was a pain.
    After finding this module and the information sent with it. I was able to resolve all the issues I had with the car.
    Absolutely the best product to fix these issues. Would recommend for anyone with Smartlock issues in these older Falcons.
    Keep up the Great work.

  2. Rob Frizza (verified owner)

    Apart from being the most slick product. I found the support second to none. So good to deal with like minded enthusiasts who are much more technical than me & who went over and above the call of duty to help me with information & technical support. 5 star ++++++

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