Holden ALDL Module Simulator (BCM Simulator)

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BCM + ALDL Module Simulator – VR VS VT VX VY – 3.8 V6 / 5.0 V8

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This is a highly configurable module simulator for use on the Holden Commodore ALDL data bus. It is typically used as a “BCM Simulator” when using a Holden engine in another vehicle, but also capable of working in other configurations.
  • Work with VR / VS / VT / VX / VY – Delco ECUs
  • All 3.8 V6 and 5.0L V8
  • Excluding LS1 5.7L VT-VX-VY V8 PCM’s

Features include:

  • Complete VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft System) emulation – allowing the PCM to run without any memcal modification / re-flashing / reprogramming. No requirement for factory BCM or transponder key. No requirement for PCM to be linked with a scan tool.
  • External kill switch can be used to activate VATS, preventing the engine starting when you don’t want it to (assuming VATS hasn’t otherwise been disabled via a memcal reprogram or re-flash).
  • Low speed cooling fan output – when used with VS onwards PCM’s. Used to trigger the low-speed cooling fan as requested by the PCM when the engine reaches temperature or AC is switched on. Retain a dual speed cooling fan and no requirement for memcal reprograming.
  • Warning lamp outputs – when used with VT onwards PCM’s
    – Oil pressure warning lamp
    – Engine malfunction / MIL Lamp
    – Power/Econ shift pattern (for auto-trans applications)
  • Instrument cluster support (VT / VX / VY) – allows the use of the factory instrument cluster with compatible PCM, without the requirement of a factory BCM. Simulates the factory BCM requests to the PCM to transmit engine data to the cluster.
  • PCM controlled air conditioning support for VT onwards PCM’s (when using a factory refrigerant pressure sensor) – have the PCM control your compressor clutch and disengage AC under W.O.T / high RPM / over-temp etc.
  • Simulation of ABS/TC and SRS data to prevent factory clusters showing ABS/SRS warning lights or chimes (because no ABS/SRS module is present)
  • Traction Control Torque Request PWM signal simulation – which can be connected to the PCM to prevent a “requested torque out of range” DTC.
  • Low vehicle speed output (when used with VT onwards PCM’s) – triggers below 5km/h (eg. for manual transmission reverse lockout solenoid)
  • PCM data simulation – for when a standard cluster and BCM are in use but the PCM has been removed (eg. replaced with aftermarket ECU) – to prevent cluster warnings.
  • Supports BCM “disable chatter” commands – allowing scan tools or software such as TunerPro to communicate with the PCM as if its still fitted in a factory vehicle.

The module comes pre-configured to operate as a BCM simulator. Re-configuration is performed by switches inside the module and is very easy.

Detailed 13 page printed instructions and after-sales support are included.

ECU’s with these service numbers are supported (all VR to VY 3.8 + 5.0):

  • 16183082 (VR MANUAL, VS 1+2 V8 MANUAL)
  • 16206305 (VR MANUAL, VS 1+2 V8 MANUAL)
  • 16176424 (VR AUTO, VS 1+2 V8 AUTO)
  • 16195699 (VR AUTO, VS 1+2 V8 AUTO)
  • 16199728 (VS V6)
  • 16210672 (VS V6)
  • 16208257 (VS V6)
  • 16234531 (VS3 V8, VT 5.0 V8)
  • 16233396 (VT V6)
  • 16210480 (V6 SC)
  • 09356445 (VX/VY)

Fitting Instructions

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1 review for Holden ALDL Module Simulator (BCM Simulator)

  1. Corey

    Customer has gone aftermarket ECU in his VY SS and wants to retain ac control, engine oil warning and check engine light on dash. We setup this unit to allow all the functionality to remain working on the dash and turn off all communication errors between left over modules.
    Took all of 1/2 hour to wire in and job done.
    Great product, very well made and will defiantly use again.
    Thanks Daniel.

    Coretech Auto Electrical.

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