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VATS off + basic changes only – please read description

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This is a complete replacement memcal for VN VP VR VS VT applications – made to order to suit your requirements.
All Holden Commodore models up to VT had a memcal located behind a small cover on the ECU/PCM. It stores the operating system and calibration data that the computer uses.
VX / VY supercharged V6 also used a memcal – all other VX / VY models used flash storage built into the PCM (see VX/VY Reprogramming Service).

Basic changes to the memcal can be made to suit your requirements, for example:

  • VATS anti-theft turned off
  • Cooling fan temperature changed
  • Disable DTC’s

Please email me at sales@mrmodule.com.au before purchase, and let me know:

  • Engine / Transmission type
  • ECU / PCM service number
  • Memcal type (long or short)
  • Memcal BCC code (4 letters)
  • Required changes

The BCC code can be found on the memcal, written on the silver sticker attached to the chip under the blue cover. It can also be found on the white sticker on the outside of the ECU/PCM, assuming the ECU/PCM is the original one for the application and hasn’t had the memcal changed already. There is 4 letters followed by 4 numbers – only the 4 letters are required.

Please note: No tuning changes will be made. These memcals are supplied as standard calibrations with basic changes only.

Fitting Instructions

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