Holden VX VY V6 PCM Reflashing Service


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Holden Commodore VX + VY V6 PCM (Service # 09356445) reflashing / reprogramming service.
You send me your PCM, I reprogram it to your requirements and send it back.

Unlike earlier models that used a removable memcal, VX V6 and VY V6 models used flash storage built into the PCM – except supercharged models which retained a memcal based PCM.

Basic changes can be made to suit your requirements, for example:

  • VATS anti-theft turned off
  • Cooling fan temperature changed
  • Disable DTC’s
  • Auto to Manual conversions
  • Convert a VX to VY PCM or vise versa
  • PCM Cloning – send me both PCM’s and I can make the second identical to the first, including VATS / anti-theft data

Please note: No tuning changes will be made. This reflashing service will use the existing calibration on your PCM, or supply another suitable standard calibration with basic changes only.

After purchase you will receive an automatic email with information on where to send your PCM. Please check your junk email folder if you can’t find it.
All PCMs are sent back via express post (included in the purchase price).

Please include inside the box:

  • Name / Order number
  • Return postage address


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