DPF Delete Module – Toyota Hilux N80

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This module is sold to be fitted to unregistered vehicles for off-road use on private property only.
Removal of the DPF is an offence on registered vehicles and will make your vehicle unroadworthy.

DPF Delete module for 2015+ Toyota Hilux N80 / Fortuner. Used to simulate valid sensor signals after the DPF has been removed, preventing DTC’s and limp mode. The ECU thinks the DPF is still fitted and everything is normal.

  • No tune or ECU remap required
  • The DPF can be refitted and everything returned to standard at any time

It comes in a waterproof enclosure, and is mounted in the engine bay behind the airbox. Wires connect to the MAF sensor, EGT sensors, differential pressure sensor and 5th injector. Everything is plug and play – no modification to the vehicles wiring or soldering is required. The MAF sensor signal is not modified, it is only used as an input to the module to generate valid DPS and downstream EGT readings.

  • No engine light
  • No limp mode
  • No DPF regens

This module is also available to purchase as a kit with a delete pipe from Meredith Metalworks

Before Fitting

  • Please read the Important Pre-fitting Information.
  • A DPF delete pipe or gutted DPF must be used with this module. Do not fit this module with the DPF still in place.
  • DPF system must be in working order prior to fitment.
  • If DPF related trouble codes are logged (eg. P2463, P2458) a successful DPF forced regeneration must be performed using a scan tool in order to clear them. If the ECU refuses to start the regeneration, try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes.
  • EGT #1, EGT #2 and the oxygen sensor must be retained in the delete pipe.
  • EGT #3 and the differential pressure sensor and pipes are no longer required or used.

Fitting Instructions

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  1. Tom (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and exceptional service. Product was exactly as described online, and was delivered promptly with clear and detailed instructions.

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