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This module is sold to be fitted to unregistered vehicles for off-road use on private property only.
Removal of the DPF is an offence on registered vehicles and will make your vehicle unroadworthy.

DPF Delete module for 2015+ Nissan Navara NP300 with YS23 diesel engine. Used to simulate a valid differential pressure signal after the DPF has been removed, preventing DTC P1453 and limp mode. The ECU thinks the DPF is still fitted and everything is normal.

  • No tune or ECU remap required
  • The DPF can be refitted and everything returned to standard at any time

It comes in a waterproof enclosure, and is mounted in the engine bay near the brake booster. Wires connect to the MAF sensor and differential pressure sensor. Everything is plug and play – no modification to the vehicles wiring or soldering is required. The MAF sensor signal is not modified, it is only used as an input to the module to generate a valid DPS reading. Mounting bracket and bolts are included.

  • No engine light
  • No limp mode
  • No DPF regens

This module is also available to purchase as a kit with a delete pipe from PPD Performance

Before Fitting

  • A DPF delete pipe or gutted DPF must be used with this module. Do not fit this module with the DPF still in place.
  • DPF system must be in working order prior to fitment.
  • If DPF related trouble codes are logged (eg. P2002) make sure you can clear them and reset soot accumulation prior to fitment.
  • EGT sensor must be retained in the delete pipe. Differential pressure sensor pipes + hoses are not required.

Fitting Instructions

Click here for PDF Download

MAF Sensor Hardwiring


If you have a DTC logged after installation, use these notes to assist in finding the problem:
– P1453
– P1546


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