Ford Ranger V6 2022+ Exhaust Pressure Corrector


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Upgrading the exhaust system on your next gen ranger? This essential module allows you to install high-performance high flowing aftermarket exhaust systems without triggering error code P2455 in your vehicles ECU.

It works by offsetting the exhaust pressure signal, simulating the back pressure of the factory system, and ensuring the reading seen by the ECU stays within the acceptable range. This prevents the check engine light and P2455 DTC.

Some exhaust systems include restrictor plates intended to create more back pressure and prevent the engine light. This also reduces exhaust flow and eliminates the benefit of the upgraded exhaust. With this module you can ditch the restriction and get maximum flow, noise and performance.

Important Notes:

  • This module is for 3.0L V6 models only – it has not been tested on 2.0L bi-turbo vehicles.
  • This module is not a DPF delete module – the DPF must be kept in place and in working order.

This module is also available directly from PPD Performance, who offer a range of exhaust systems for this application.

Fitting Instructions

Easy plug and play installation – it simply connects in-line with the exhaust pressure sensor mounted on the side on the transmission.

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